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user_60_squareBaruch S.
Forest Hills, NY

5/21/2014Sweet little coffee shop with good wifi. A great alternative to Starbucks if you are in the area.






user_60_squareChanel A.
Washington, DC
5/2/2014As someone who moved from the bay area – the land of local coffee shops, I have struggled to find quaint and cute coffee shops in my neighborhood. I was sick of seeing Starbucks at every corner, which was always over loaded by people. Then I discovered Coffee Nature after having lived here for almost a year. I am so glad I can come to this place to escape my little townhouse. I am now studying here for finals mid-day in the middle of the week and there are only TWO other persons who are also working. The music is classic, and great. Their drink and food selection is vast from coffee to smoothies. I was very surprised they also offered breakfast, and lunch sandwiches. I am excited to try their different variety of coffees, teas, smoothies, and sandwiches. They have done a great job at taking my money. There is also FREE wi-fi, and the environment is just lovely. The owners are American Korean, and they are lovely people. Love Love!
user_60_squareBo I.
Washington, DC
4/9/2014LOVE their coffee and espresso.
Please try Cortata. You have to.



Loved the cafe under the previous owners and I found myself continuing my love for this place under the new ownership as well.

I love their new coffee. Great change. Also love all their Korean traditional teas.
All the stuff there are health conscious and living up to the DC standard…

I like their selections for drinks and snacks, as they are healthy and some snacks are very Korean. I found them selling “Ace”, which is my mom’s favorite snack for coffee. She would dip it in her coffee. They sell it individually, so that’s great. Also they are selling this Japanese gums I used to eat when I was in elementary school in Korea. What memories…! Love Dry seaweeds that they sell. I eat seaweeds as a substitute for chips when I get cravings for salty stuff cuz it is a lot less calories.

I haven’t tried many of the panini’s after the ownership change, but I tried gangnam style burrito and bibimbop with egg added. I usually ask them to give me bibimbop sauce to dip my gangnam style burrito cuz that’s how I eat my fusion buritto at home and the taste is right on.

I wish they had the discount for Crunch fitness though!!

O also, I came here to study around 1-2 pm. I was originally at Pete’s Pizza cuz I thought it would empty out since it is a big restaurant. It didn’t. It was loud as hell. So I went to Coffee nature, and it was pretty empty and very quite(only 1 other person studying). I didn’t use their wifi cuz I was reading my textbook, but now that I know that they have it, I will def. use it next time.

user_60_squareChris S.
Silver Spring, MD
2/22/2014In addition to good food at reasonable prices, friendly staff, cozy atmosphere, and live music ranging from folk guitar to solo cello, Coffee Nature also has the added benefit of being the only coffee house within miles of the nearest comparable place. For you cat lovers out there, there is a small mom-and-pop pet store/foster center adjacent to CN that offers easy viewing and access to kittens and cats of all shapes and sizes. So, if you can come up with a better way to spend a Saturday morning than hanging out with a wide array of Tabbies, tunes, and teas, I’d like to hear it. Coffee Nature provides the perfect start to anyone’s weekend.
user_60_squareAlyssa W.
Washington, DC
2/22/2014Coffee nature is a great cafe experience. I come here at least twice a week! They have great bagels for breakfast, and my personal fav is the chicken panini for lunch. It has sun dried tomatoes, spinach, and provolone cheese! So good!Besides the food, their coffee is great quality. I love the caffe mocha (dark chocolate)! Also, they have tons of different pour over coffee blends that are so flavorful and fresh. My favorite is the John Brown blend. It has undertones of sweet pipe tobacco and dark chocolate. So unique! You have to try it!!!!!!If you’re looking for a quiet coffee shop to study and have a great lunch, this is definitely your place. And Saturdays are open mic!


user_60_squareAmit M.
American University Park, Washington, DC
2/7/2014What makes a coffee shop a favorite?  At the end of the day, it’s the personal touch.  I stopped by once and it was so busy I ended up leaving.  The owner–who was clear at the other end of the place when I entered and quickly exited–reached out to me later, apologized and offered a drink on the house.  I came back a week later and he comped me a drink even though I didn’t bring it up!  I also love the surroundings, the coffee, and a varied menu of Western sandwiches and Korean food!  (Tucking into a spicy pork belly rice bowl now.)
user_60_squareLiz H.
Washington, DC
1/21/2014This is a very small, bare bones shop that other reviewers have unfairly criticized for its lack of decor. Its not fancy but so what? Their coffee is great and they have a surprising number of food options. I get a soy latte usually and there’s always a lovely design in the foam, a nice touch for an early morning. Saturdays are open mic, so don’t expect a quiet cozy spot to read a book but every other day is quiet and a great spot for sipping java. 
user_60_squareDominique W.
Washington, DC
12/17/2013Best cappuccino in DC. There is no rival.Owner Joseph is a man who cares about his coffee, He made a recent investment in better equipment and has mastered the art of coffee making. Never bitter. Never burnt. No sugar needed. Drink for the taste of the coffee. Always has great music playing. The food is good. The service is very polite. This is the best of artisan coffee and the best of local business. Miles ahead of “Charbucks”. I go out of my way to get his coffee on the way to work. I have not found a better place locally. 
user_60_squareMister M.
Kamuela, HI
11/23/2013This review is for coffee craft only, as this was all we were interested in this morning.This little gem was stacked with regulars all sipping from there own house cups.  The music was perfect volume and the counters were clean and well lighted.

The barista was quiet but focuses and very skilled in his craft.  The espresso i ordered was bright and smooth with a slight citrus finish.  Lots of crema meant it was fresh, accurately dosed and perfectly tamped.

The latte for my love was creamy and delicious. Perfect sipping temperature and finished with a little latte art. It took him no time at all to create the magic and served it with a smile.

Small critique because there is always room for improvement.  The milk wand was soiled with old milk.  The cafe itself was a little cramped. Plenty of seating but no way to get to most of them.  The menus are all crystal clear but featured on an endless panel of television screens. Most of the coffee shops I love have chalk and plenty of art. The were clear and descriptive though.

I would absolutely come here again. 5stars.


user_60_squareDavid S.
Bethesda, MD
11/15/2013Excellent coffee.  Easy parking.  Friendly staff. Very fast wifi without annoying log-in hassles.  Comfortable work environment and a good variety of food.  Not much more you can ask for in this underserved neighborhood.
user_60_squareEmily A.
Washington, DC
9/17/2013Just had a wonderful cheese omelette wrap from Coffee Nature and wanted to express gratitude for its existence.  Friendly, helpful staff, good range of interesting menu offerings, and a relaxing, jazzy vibe all make me thankful for this rare little business in our often bland, Tenleytown hood.  I’m almost afraid to spread the news far and wide, because I don’t want it to get too crowded!  But we do need to keep them alive. Open mic on Friday and Saturday is another great addition to this low-key, yet slightly funky, small business.  If only they were open on Sunday…
user_60_squareMike C.
Washington D.C
8/19/2013Surprisingly good sandwiches with fresh ingredients. Friendly staff
Photo of Tiffany Y.Tiffany Y.
New York, NY
7/29/2013What a cute place. I ordered the Nutella latte and it came with a cat face rather than the normal heart or leaf! What a nice touch. My friend and I sat outside for hours and enjoyed the nice weather. Will try the food next time.
user_60_squareHeather J.
Washington, DC
7/4/2013I went here for breakfast a couple of weeks ago. I’d driven past the place before, and was curious about it, but had never been in. I was so surprised to see the variety of things on their menu, including a bulgogi omelet! I got a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich and it was great. I also got the Nutella latte, which was like heaven in a cup. It even came with pretty foam art on top. The staff are very friendly, there’s nice outdoor seating, and there’s free WiFi. I’ll be back! 
user_60_squareSilvia F.
Tenleytown, Washington, DC
3/30/2013They forgot to put veggies on my bagel today! Must have been an off day. This place is becoming quite the popular neighborhood joint and rightly so! The coffee is amazing; I don’t get digestive problems like with Starbucks. (For those comparing prices, do consider the quality of the product.) Food and staff are excellent. I don’t recommend the smoothies unless you have a serious sugar craving. I’ve gone here to study and to meet friends, and it’s been great for both. I wish they were open Sunday mornings. 
user_60_squareDavid M.
Washington, DC
3/26/2013I come to Coffee Nature few times a month; they have lots of food choices about 20 or more different lunch menu.  I think they recently add few new items.  I used to have bulgogi wrap or sandwich but I tried rice bowl and it was great and especially radish kimchi was so delicious. The girl at front recommended me gangnam quesadilla and bulgogi omelette I def try them next time.
user_60_squareBrandi R.
Washington, DC
3/21/2013I’m not a big coffee drinker but found this to be a great spot to grab a quick bite to eat. It’s tucked off on a relatively quite side street. Being the quintessential neighborhood coffee shop you can grab your laptop and enjoy the free wifi while sipping on your favorite hot drink. The owners are very nice as well as the patrons. It’s normally very quite but the kids from the high school come in droves at lunch and after school. Try the ginger honey tea it’s a great pick-me-up. 
user_60_squareCrystal D.
Berkeley, CA
9/26/2012Great coffee, nice little spot to pull out of traffic, pick up the free wifi and chill for a bit. But at noon, there is a high school near by and it was overrun with teens for about 30 minutes. Not a big deal, but if you are looking to get some work done – avoid weekday lunch. They also make this specialty, really healthy rice drink and it is wonderful. 
user_60_squareDrew S.
Alexandria, VA
3/2/2012I used to go to this place before it changed to Coffee Nature, and they still have good coffee (and put together an excellent cappuccino).  They’ve got a great patio area for people watching just off Wisconsin Ave, food options are good, and the employees are very friendly.  Just as an FYI, you have to spend at least $5 to use a card, else bring some cash. Regardless, whenever I’m up that way, I try to hit the shop up and support the small business. 
Rachel C.

Washington D.C.
2/3/2012A quiet place to sit, free wi-fi, multiple food options, good coffee.  And it’s not Starbucks, nor is it terribly crowded.I grabbed an egg and cheese sandwich with a medium coffee, and the sandwich was good.  And it was cheap.  And it wasn’t greasy.  Staff is friendly.  Props.Also, there’s a bike rack outside, which always helps.


user_60_squareChad R.
Washington, DC
11/14/2011awesome coffee, and many healthy options! free wifi, good place to chill.
user_60_squareJennifer N.
Washington, DC
5/7/2011We do not live in a good neighborhood for cafes – there’s Starbucks galore, and Tynan Tea (which is like having coffee in Bloomingdales) so you can imagine my happiness at finding Coffee Nature — it’s tucked behind Pete’s New Haven Pizza (so don’t worry if you can’t find it at first…).  And I do admit that some of my enthusiasm about Coffee Nature comes from the fact that there’s a real, live indie cafe in our otherwise fairly corporate ‘hood.They have a great selection of coffees, teas, sandwiches, breakfast foods – and the best part is that their admittedly small outdoor seating area is really pleasant.  The only downside is that they close really early, by cafe standards, so don’t plan on a night-cap espresso here (they are shut by 6pm).
user_60_squareAlice L.
Chicago, IL
9/5/2010Such a pleasant little coffeeshop. Chicken panini was tasty on great bread. They have a nice selection of sodas and juices, and an extensive coffee menu. I sat by the window working on my laptop and the owner sent over a free sample of frozen yogurt. I was too full to get the full serving, but I totally would’ve. Their cali tart is much closer to what real tart frozen yogurt should taste like than a lot of the other establishments in DC specializing in froyo. The place smells delicious, the proprietors are super friendly, and it’s a great place to grab a bite to eat and do whatever you prefer to do in a cafe. While I was there, several people floated in and chatted with the owner for quite a while. This place definitely has a neighborly feel. Not having tried their coffee yet, I can’t really give them a 5, but Coffee Nature is a real gem.
user_60_squareHannah C.
Washington, DC
8/19/2010Just discovered: Single-serving sized cups of kimchi-to-go available at the check out counter.  Yay!
user_60_squareRobert L.
Washington, DC
6/28/2010I love this cafe. I live in the neighborhood and work from home, so I spend a lot of time at this place drinking coffee and working on the free wireless. They’ve got great coffee and really great service. I loved this cafe when it used to be Conie’s so I was really sad to see Conie and her sister go when they sold it last month. However, the new owners have kept the friendly neighborhood cafe vibe while revitalizing the menu and the milieu. If you haven’t been here in while, check it out again. And if you’ve never been, come on by the new Coffee Nature.